“Sábrego is our land. Ribeiro’s land. Is where antique vines as treixadura, godello, torrontés… cave their roots. Is mother’s land.

From sábrego that rounds us to the Sábrego’s Restaurant kitchen: a  decided bet for local products, traditional recipes reinvented by our chef to be enjoined with the serenity that provides to eat between vines.

Sábrego’s Restaurant final ingredient is a wink to our

El ingrediente final de Sábrego Restaurante es un guiño a nuestros guests: sparky presentations, with something different… Because Sábrego’s kitchen is not only enjoyed by the taste but with all senses…


Every people that work in Sábrego Restaurante contribute our proyect to be special.We  are proud of our team, a big family. Without them, it would be impossible that you enjoyed Sábrego’s experience… Would you like to meet them?


Marco Varela (Executive Chef)


Its food tastes to product. This is, fish tastes to sea, letuce tastes to vegetable garden… In his kitchen runs from the plates in which tecnique dominates taste…Authentic, inconditional from a near product, chef Marco Varela (Lalín, 1982) recognices that the best taste is the remember’s one, the grandma’s stew, the one you don’t forget. Its kitchen method, in words of Marco, it’s seated on three basics: “Excellent prime
materials, respect to the product and definite tastes”. With his team, dinamic, young, he will try that your experience with us be a joy for the senses. Should we try?

Jorge and Susana González (Manager, image and deco director)


Jorge González is the youngest of the six González Vázquez’s brothers, owners of Sábrego’s Restaurant and winery and the and tourism house of Armán.
Affable, close, Jorge is the room’s handler and cordinator of event’s team. In this task, supported by his sister, Susana González, femenin touch en this masculine universe.
Making honor to the numerous family that they proceed and the taughts of their parents, Jorge and Susana will receive you with a smile and they inmediatly will you feel as part of the Sabrego’s family.

Sergio Boada (Maitre, sumiller)

Sergio is a word. Suddenly he has achieve to be accomplice with the client, keeping forms and respect. He es el managar of translate  to the room the magic born from Sábrego’s Restaurant kitchen.
The #experienciaSabrego wouldn’t be complete without his advisory. If you are open to suggestions, you will achieve, without doubt, the best combination. A maitre on his close measurement.